e-BRAINS and SiNAPS at ZeroPower Networking Workshop

The NanoLab (EPFL) team has contributed to the ZeroPower Networking Workshop (16-18 October 2012 – Barcelona, Spain) presenting junctionless SiNW FETs as 3D structures for low power sensors, introduced BioFETs (Si-based nanostructures) for biosensing in integrated 3D heterogeneous systems, discussed its fabrication process, flow validation and corresponding numerical 3D TCAD simulation. The presetnation has also highlighted an interpoject, Synaps and eBRAINS, R&D exchange.
E. Buitrago, G. Fagas*, M. Fernandez-Bolaños and A.M. Ionescu (EPFL, *Tyndall)
Junctionless Silicon Nanowire Transistor Design for the Tunable Operation of a Low Power Sensor
ZeroPowerNetworking Workshop; 16-18 October 2012 – Barcelona, Spain
FP7 e-BRAINS Project
FP7 SiNAPS Project